Take a look at the workshops we offer. To customise your INSET day, why not mix and match aspects of the workshops outlined in this leaflet with these topics:
Counselling and listening skills – the ability to listen deeply to ourselves, our colleagues and the children in our care enhances relationships and deepens learning.
Attachment Theory for Teachers – teachers are important attachment figures in children's lives. Secure attachments underpin children's well-being and ability to learn.
Transactional Analysis for understanding and building a learning culture – Transactional Analysis, developed by Eric Berne, is a way of understanding how we habitually react to the encounters we have with other people. Many of our workshop participants, having encountered T.A. on the courses outlined in this brochure, are fascinated and want to learn more.
The power of Quiet Time – regular quiet time is very powerful. It can be transformative for staff as well as children, promoting well-being and learning. We look at a variety of approaches, stories, visualisations and mindfulness practices.