Our Services

Welcome to Calm Schools

At Calm Schools we are passionate about providing appropriate support and services to schools throughout the UK. We understand that we live in stressful times and those that work in education are not immune to the everyday stresses of life. Far from it. The constant changes in agenda and the imposition of targets and profits are a source of stress and unwanted demand. Schools are crucial in our society although they have to comply with the mulitiple demands of targets, inspectorates, business, institution and community. We believe that schools can be places of community led by compassionate leaders. If we cannot be compassionate in schools, where can we be? Recent research* suggests that teachers and those who work in schools suffer from stress and many days are lost to absence and that if teachers and staff are supported through a programme of well-being the children's educational results improve (*study from Birkbeck College et al).

Well-being programmes

We have provided group workshops (day or half-day) for schools since 2009 either for Inservice days or for a number of school representatives. This day is experiential and focuses on the meaning of stress, signs of stress, personal coping strategies and how to encourage a culture of well-being in school.

Compassionate & Assertive Leadership

We can also provide workshops for leaders in schools. Many leadership training programmes are imported from the corporate world and can miss the key issues the leaders in schools face. Our team have experience of working as leaders in schools. We know the challenges that you face. We have developed a day long course which can be delivered to large or small groups which incorporates specific school based issues along with current thinking on compassionate leadership.

Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring

Our team of qualified consultants can provide individual or group developmental sessions for leaders or any member of staff. This can be provided 'face to face' or by telephone or video call. Many leaders have provided support for the staff, but miss out on gaining their own support.


Recent developments have highlighted the need to certain members of staff (particulary those involved in child protection) to receive on-going clinical supervision. Our qualified supervisors can provide individual or group supervision. We can also train your staff to become supervisors.


We can provide training on a number of areas; bereavement, mental health, eating disorders, autism and supervision.


We charge from £100 per hour/£500 per day per consultant.